The Secrets of Pope Gregory XVII's Tomb

Pope Gregory XVII's tomb is to the left of the main altar in San Lorenzo Cathedral, in Genoa, Italy. It is at the entrance to the chapel to Our Lady Help of Christians.

Notice the carving of Saint Peter holding the Papal Keys to the upper left side. To the lower right is the Blessed Virgin Mary looking in determined suffering as she holds the chalice on one hand and the Cross of her Son on the other.

    Pope Gregory XVII's Primary School

This was Pope Gregory XVII's primary school. In his book, Mio Padre (My Father), His Holiness reveals how being late for school one day served to make him punctual for the rest of his life.

Immaculata Church, Genoa, where Pope Gregory XVII's parents were married, and where the young Giuseppe served at the daily 6:00 a.m. Mass.

How Pope Gregory XVII's Parents Met

Pope Gregory XVII's parents met while working for the wealthy Viacava family. His father was the personal companion to the Viacava's adult son who had a condition similar to autism. His mother worked as a domestic.

Once married, they moved to a small apartment on the same plaza. His Holiness' father worked as a building manager for the apartment complex and his mother worked as his assistant, managing paperwork and taking telephone messages.

Joy and Thanksgiving as Pope Plans for His Succession

This visit captures the joy of the Holy Father in mid-June 1988, days in which He is in contact with His secret cardinals to make arrangements for His Successor. The reporter greets him by saying, "Emminence, we are in paradise." To which the Holy Father points upwards and replies, "The real Paradise is close to Us." He dies less than 11 months afterwards, indicating that He meant himself, and was using the royal "We." It seems that His Holiness knew his mission on this earth was soon to be completed; that is, the passing on of the Papacy amidst the secrecy that is so necessary to the Church in Exile. Pope Gregory XVII pray for us!

Our dear friend, Raffaele de Filippo, in Genoa, July 2015. 

+ Requiem in Pace. +

This page is dedicated to the memory of fellow researcher Raffaele de Filippo.

  It is Raffaele's voice which is on the Italian videos and one French video. 

  Raffaele's noble persistence with his friend, the editor of the Chiesa Viva magazine, resulted in the wonderful edition on Pope Gregory XVII, published in August 2019. 

  To Raffaele we also owe gratitude for obtaining the other book written by Pope Gregory XVII, Don Mino. 

'Don' is the title given to a diocesan Priest, while a religious Priest is called 'Padre', such as Padre Pio, the Capuchin Franciscan Priest.