#10: Nicholas Gruner and John Vennari: Masonic brothers?

A worldwide campaigner for donations and for votes to sway the "popes" in the Vatican, Nicholas Gruner tried to introduce the idea of "democracy" into the Catholic consciences of millions. The Primacy of Peter (a dogma of the Faith) was never foremost in his mind, as proved by his actions in gathering petitions.

He and John Vennari are Traitors (bottoming out the list) since they refused to recognize that Pope Gregory XVII endured a life of restraints as a Prisoner Pope.

Their speedy dismissal of Pope Gregory XVII's Papacy puts them into a questionable light. Why would they not recognize the freemasonic Counter Church? Were these two men working for the controlled opposition?

Both have gone to their eternal judgments. May their levity be a lesson to us.